EU-Youth Council adopted Work plan for 2016-2018

The Council and the representatives of the governments of the member states adopted a Resolution on a new EU Work Plan for Youth (2016-2018).

It's a flexible, operational plan with a precise timetable so as to enable the EU and its member states to continue to tackle more promptly and efficiently the continuing high youth unemployment rates, increasing social inclusion and participation of all Young People in democratic and civic life.


It sets out six priorities:

– Social inclusion of all young people;

– Participation of all young people in democratic and civic life;

– Transition of young people from youth to adulthood;

– Support to young people's health and well being;

– Addressing challenges and opportunities of digital era for youth policy; and

– Responses to the opportunities and challenges raised by the increasing numbers of Young migrants and refugees in the EU.

EU work plan on youth 2016-2018