EU-Youth Council: political participation of young people

 The Council adopted at the 23th of November 2015 a resolution on improving young people political participation in the democratic life of Europe, inviting member states to develop national, regional and/or local strategies and programmes for enhancing the political participation of all young people, especially young people with fewer opportunities. Those strategies could include in particular developing cross-sectoral cooperation between formal education and non-formal learning, promoting alternative forms of political participation, increasing local and regional participation opportunities, supporting youth work and yo uth organisations. Ministers underlined that this has now become a vital issue for our democracies. Participation and active citizenship can prevent marginalisation, intolerance and radicalisation.

The Presidency recalled that a key issue for the structured dialogue during the 18 months of the Trio Presidency (IT, LV and LU) has been how to encourage young people to participate in democratic life in Europe. The Presidency stressed that the "structured dialogue" constitutes an important tool to promote the participation of young people in the decision- making process in the EU since it allows for a continuous joint reflection on the priorities, implementation and follow-up of European cooperation involving a diverse range of young people and youth organisations in the consultations at all Levels in the member states, at the EU Youth Conferences and during the European Youth Week. The Presidency also recalled that overall thematic priority of the structured dialogue for the period 1 January 2016 -30 June 2017 will be “Enabling all young people to engage in a diverse, connected and inclusive Europe – Ready for Life, Ready for Society”. This theme reflects the EU Youth Report and takes into account the feedback from the pre-consultation phase, which the upcoming trio presidencies have conducted.