EU Council für education: Ministers adopt ET 2020

 The Council adopted the 2015 joint report of the Council and the Commission on the implementation of the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and Training ET 2020 is the key European-level framework that helps member states to modernise their education and training systems, thus contributing to the overall political priorities set under the Europe 2020 strategy.

 The current report takes stock not only of progress during the most recent work cycle (2012-2014 in the process, it also reviews the ET 2020 framework as a whole at its half-way stage and puts forward proposals for adjustment. These are essentially aimed at providing greater focus, improved governance and better dissemination of the results of European cooperation.

For the remaining five years up to 2020 ET 2020 will have 6 new priority areas (instead of 13), aiming to ensure that education and training systems promote employability, skills and innovation, increase social mobility and equality, help to prevent radicalisation and lay the foundations for democratic values and active citizenship.

Finally, the Commission recommended a better use of financial instruments of the Union, such as Erasmus +, the Structural Funds and the Investment Plan for Europe.

ET 2020 Report