Employment and Social Policy Council March 2016: Debate about new skills Agenda

 The Commission informed the Council on the labour mobility package announced in its 2016 work Programme, the Council endorsed key messages on the way forward for the youth guarantee post-2016 and the the Council held a policy debate on a new skills agenda which the Commission is expected to present to the Council at the 25th of May.

As the EU-Commission states "the workforce shrinks with demographic ageing, Europe urgently needs substantial increases in productivity". Fostering and using talent and skills will be essential to shape the future of our society and respond to challenges of technological progress, digitalisation, globalisation and the move towards a greener economy. The Commission is therefore preparing to launch an EU Skills Agenda and focus in these priorities:

  • Ensuring higher and more relevant skills for all; (Minimum Level of Basic skills, Digital skills, Transversal skills like team-work, communication, languages, critical thinking, entrepreneurship)
  • Promoting better visibility and use of available skills, including of EU mobile workers and third-country nationals (improve the effectivness of the European Qualifications Framework, Integration of migrants and refugees
  • Reaching a better, understanding of skills Needs and Trends in the labour market (effective national and regional Business education partnerships, VET)

More Information:

Skills Agenda for Europe