Teaching how the EU works: 44% of Europeans dont unterstand how the EU works

Would learning about the EU at school help to better understand what it is really all about? At the 12th of April the European Parliament adopted an Initiativreport calling on member states to have schools teach more about European issues to enable people to better engage with the EU. Damian Drăghici, a member of the S&D Group says "According to a Eurobarometer-survey, 44% of Europeans don’t understand how the EU works and many feel they don’t have a voice in the European Union". The report underlines the increasing importance of a European dimension in education across the different disciplines, levels and forms of education, while stressing the need for a broad and in-depth understanding of the concept which takes into account its complex, dynamic and multi-layered nature, with learning about the EU at school being a crucial component. Furthermore it encourages the Member States to support all possibilities of conveying more information about the EU to learners as well as to teachers and other educators through formal, non-formal and informal learning, and to fully exploit and complement EU financial instruments, programmes and initiatives in this regard.



Interview with Damian Draghici: