EU-budget 2015 adopted

The Parliament adopted the EU's budget for 2015 following tough negotiations with EU governments. MEPs secured more funds for research, student exchange and external action programmes in 2015. It negotiated €45 million more for the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme and €16 million more for the Erasmus+ programme and an extra €4.25 billion to settle outstanding bills to companies and individuals in 2014.

 ˮGovernments had accepted the political commitments but then they failed to pay what they owed. Do we have to recall yet again that payments are only technical consequences of commitments?ˮ, Jean Arthuis (ALDE, FR), Budgets Committee chair asked, in the final debate on the budgets on 16 December.

Martin Schulz, the President of the European Parliament made it even clearer: “From one year to the next the unpaid bills have snowballed into a deficit of 25 billion Euros. And we already know today that the deficit will further increase next year as more bills will come in, because next year is the deadline for handing in bills for projects funded under the MFF 2007-2013. Putting 4, 25 billion Euros on the table now when 25 billion Euros are missing is simply not good enough.”