Revised Erasmus + Programm Guide puplished

The Erasmus+ Programme Guide is an integral part of the 2015 Erasmus+ Call for Proposals . Organisations and institutions seeking funding in the framework of this call must comply with the conditions for participation and funding expressed in this Guide.

The document provides information on:

  • the priorities of the programme,
  • the actions supported,
  • the funding available for different actions,
  • detailed information on participation.

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EU-Commission publishes TTIP- documents

European Commission publishes TTIP legal texts as part of the transparency initiative. TTIP means negotiations between the US and the EU on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström told that more documents would be published after the next round of talks with the US in February. The first time, education is named to be protected.

Protection for sensitive sectors such as:

1)     TV, radio and films

2)     public health and education

3)     social services, and

4)     water distribution.

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Conclusions of the EU-Youth Council

The Council adopted conclusions on young people's access to rights in order to foster their autonomy and participation in civil society. They address the challenges for this generation of young people, who must suffer the fall-out of the financial crisis, and in particular their difficulties in becoming autonomous adults who participate in a critical and active way in the social, political and economic life of their own communities. In a public session, ministers also discussed a cross-sectoral approach to youth policies as a tool for better tackling socio-economic challenges in this field. Cross-sectoral policy cooperation is also one of the key priorities of the newly adopted EU Work Plan for Youth. The conclusions acknowledge that the combined effect of factors caused by the economic crisis, such as limited access to credit, income reduction and greater job instability, often without adequate welfare measures being guaranteed, has diminished young people's capacity for autonomy.

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Sternsinger aus sieben EU-Ländern zu Gast in Brüssel


EU-Parlamentspräsident Martin Schulz sowie die Europäische Bischofskonferenz vertreten durch Father Patrick Daly, empfingen Könige aus sieben Nationen. Sternsinger aus Deutschland, Österreich, Ungarn, Serbien, Italien, Rumänien und Belgien wurden am Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2015, im Europaparlament sowie in der Europäischen Bischofskonferenz erwartet. Vier Mädchen und Jungen aus der Pfarrgemeinde St. Maria Magdalena in Gernsheim (Bistum Mainz) vertraten die deutschen Sternsinger; die österreichischen Kinder kamen aus der Pfarrei Maria Saal in Kärnten, die italienischen aus der Pfarrei Mauls (Sterzing) in Südtirol und die belgischen aus dem Pfarrverband Büttgenbach in Ost-Belgien. Bereits zum siebten Mal seit 2008 waren die Sternsinger im Europaparlament zu Gast. Der Bund der Deutschen Katholischen Jugend (BDKJ), vertreten durch das Europabüro für katholische Jugendarbeit und Erwachsenenbildung, unterstützte die Sternsinger-Aktion vor Ort.

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EU-budget 2015 adopted

The Parliament adopted the EU's budget for 2015 following tough negotiations with EU governments. MEPs secured more funds for research, student exchange and external action programmes in 2015. It negotiated €45 million more for the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme and €16 million more for the Erasmus+ programme and an extra €4.25 billion to settle outstanding bills to companies and individuals in 2014.

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