From the 4th to the 5th December 2018 the European Office will once again organise a symposium. This years symposium will take the from of a staff training on the european elections 2019 and active EU citizenship.

Time and again professionals of non-formal youth and adult education encounter difficulties in training people in EU affairs.  Attempts to motivate citizens to use the existing venues for participation often proove fruitless. Due to the European elections in may 2019 the question how voters can be convinced to make use of their own rights acquires an additional sense of urgency.

What can providers of non-formal education do in this respect? How can we facilitate a better understanding of the EU and larger participation in the European elections? Which experiences have our providers collected in this reagrd? Which difficulties need to be tackles and which ideas for solutions do we have? To answer these and other questions we are planning to meet and debate with:

  • Members of the campaign teams of the European political parties
  • Employees of pan-european media outlets like Politico, Euronews or Euractiv.
  • Trainers and teachers from our own providers who have successfully organised best-practice examples of non-formal education in EU affairs.

The participation in the staff training is open to staff members of AKSB, BDKJ, KEB, FEECA and afj as well as member associations and member facilities. This criterion applies to you? You are interested in participating? Write a short e-mail to the European Office. A detailed invitation with an opportunity to register will follow shortly.

The staff training is going to take place:

  • from the 4th to the 5th of December 2018
  • In the building of COMECE at Square de Meeûs 19 in 1050 Brussels.