The catholic organisations and the European Office have adopted a position paper on the proposal of the European Kommission on Erasmus 2021-2027. We welcome the document which contains many positive propositions. In particular, the proposed budget increase to EUR 30 billion is very welcomed as many high quality applications for projects on youth and adult education are being rejected due to funding shortages. Should the proposed increase be approved, the rejection rates could be lowered significantly. The introduction of small-scale partnerships, a broader access to Jean-Monet actions and the objective to simplify applications forms and administrative procedures are commendable.

From our point of view, the plans for DiscoverEU still need adjustment. Without adequate pedagocial support travelling through Europa can reinforce existing prejudices. According to the Commission proposal for the next MFF DiscoverEU will receive a budget of EUR 700 million from the Erasmus youth budget. To ensure the budget increase for youth from EUR 1,5 billion to EUR 3,1 billion does not disappear into DiscoverEU we recommend to top-up the youth budget. To compensate for DiscoverEU youth should receive an additional EUR 700 million. To realise the full Europeanisation potential of adult education, we recommend to increase the proposed budget from EUR 1,19 billioen to EUR 2 billion.

Now it is imperative to ensure this very good proposal is adopted by the Council of the EU and the European Parliament while optimising it further at the same time.

The full position paper can be retrieved here.